Day 8: Destination Creativity Blog Hop

I’m so thrilled because today is my day for the Destination: Creativity blog hop put together by the vivacious Ricë Freeman Zachary. I can’t begin to tell you how much this woman has inspired me in the past year since we’ve become friends. Her creative spirit, her willingness to always be REAL in every situation and her ability to bring that out in others are attributes that I admire deeply in Ricë.

Also, her perfectly simpatico relationship with her husband, the Ever Gorgeous Earl is a wonderful thing to see in this day and age. I watched how Earl was ever-present and actively participating in every moment of this new book of theirs. Of course, its their book. EGE took thousands upon thousands of photos, drove every mile in their cross-country journey and passed out hugs to the hundreds of women (both instructors and students) at the various art retreats. (Truth be told, I’m always in line for a hug from Earl. Years of coaching high school athletics honed his body into a finely tuned hugging machine.)

In honor of Ricë and Earl’s journey and their wonderful new book, I decided to try something a little different for the blog hop; a video book review like she does for so many artists over at There’s no editing or fancy anything in the video. I gave my iPad to my son, stood outside our cabin and had him press the record button. It may be raw, but it’s real and definitely from the heart.

Be sure to leave a comment at the end of this post so you an be entered to win a copy of Destination: Creativity for yourself.

Tomorrow is the last day of the blog hop at Jill Berry’s blog. So be sure to check out what she says tomorrow and leave a comment there too. And while you’re at it, you might just want to hop back in time and visit the previous day’s authors as well. You can still leave comments there for a chance to win. Think about it: 30 minutes of your time to read some posts at great blogs and leave some comments is all it takes for you to possibly get your own free copy. Unfortunately due to the high cost of shipping, international entries cannot be accommodated for this one. So sorry!

  1. Monday, October 3rd: Melanie Testa
  2. Tuesday, October 4th: Seth Apter
  3. Wednesday, October 5th: Mary Beth Shaw
  4. Thursday, October 6th: Carla Sonheim
  5. Friday, October 7th: Lisa Myers Bulmash
  6. Saturday, October 8th: Melissa Manley
  7. Sunday, October 9th: Deryn Mentock
  8. Monday, October 10th: Jen Cushman
  9. Tuesday, October 11th: Jill Berry