Happy Hump Day Giveaway

new metalsmithing bookI woke up on the sunny side of the street today after a terrible stress headache that lasted all day yesterday. There are times when all the different things we’re juggling in the air will collide on the same day and then all I want is to crawl back into bed and fast forward to another day. Luckily, the yucky headachy days are few and far between. Anyhoo…..since I am HAPPY, happy, happy today and because I have NOT been able to get my website re-done as of yet with the back-to-back shows, I decided it was time to finally do a book giveaway on my blog.

If you’ve been reading and following my journey, you know that Making Metal Jewelry; How to Stamp, Form, Forge and Fold Metal Jewelry Designs is out in major bookstores now. (Yippee!) It’s also available on Amazon. But in order to get a signed copy, you gotta come to me. So, please leave a comment about….hmmmmmm…let’s go with a broad category of jewelry. Tell me what is your favorite kind of jewelry, or what you wish your sweetheart would buy you, or what pieces you long to create, or if you already have my book what project is your favorite one. All I’m looking for is something fun to read about one of my favorite art subjects — Jewelry!

Not only will you get a signed copy of the book, but you will also get an ICE Resin plunger and some of our Art Mechanique cold connection micro nuts and screws. I will keep the giveaway up until Friday morning 8 a.m. MST. And never fear, if you don’t win this one, there will be another give away soon over on the ICE Queen eZine while we are teaching workshops at the To Bead True Blue show in Tucson.

Hot off the press, literally….

making metal jewelry

Advance copies are here!

Look at the photo my super-fabulous-amazing editor Tonia Jenny sent me. Earlier today, FedEx delivered two advance copies of my new book — one for her and one for me. Luckily, I live only about 3 miles from Tonia so I drove over to her house to collect my copy. My sweet and silly friend made the suspense extra special for me by gift wrapping them. Here’s a little video of my first reaction of seeing all those months and months of work come to final completion.

To be clear, these are advance copies that were delivered by air from the printing plant in Hong Kong. The remaining copies — the ones that have been pre-ordered — are getting loaded onto a boat today in China and being shipped to the U.S. for distribution to everyone on Dec. 13th. That is the date I’ll be getting the remainder of my author copies. By then I plan to update my website with an all-new shopping cart so I can sell autographed copies of both Making Metal Jewelry and Explore, Create, Resinate.

On my to-do wish list is to also photograph and sell some pieces of jewelry that I have in my studio. I have been very slow to get an Etsy store going as an artist, as I’ve spent the better part of the past four years making work for publication and only selling them during the artist vendor nights at the events where I’m teaching. Things just take time, and definitely more time that you ever originally plan for.

The great thing is that today reminded me that the odds of me reaching my dreams are definitely stacked in my favor. Success takes hard work and focus. It also takes a certain amount in faith to believe that if you truly follow your natural talents and passions, you will be led to the people, place, events and opportunities that make it all come together. Right now this means my latest book. Honestly, how cool is that?!?