Gooooo Team! #handmade bracelets

handmadebraceletsHere’s a little bit of news. Our fab friends over at Interweave — particularly the Cloth, Paper, Scissors editors, under the direction of Jenn Mason — worked hand-in-hand with us to publish a brand new 108-page ebook showing the bracelets myself, our ICE Resin 2013 Creative Team and some staffers made for actors and actresses of the Academy of Arts and Television Sciences for our recent Gift Lounge the Saturday before the Emmys. When Jenn and I first began kicking around this crazy idea of putting together a book in less than 3 weeks time, we looked at each other like we were a little off kilter. But then if there’s one thing I’ve learned working with Jenn over the past couple of years, it’s that she moves as quickly as I do and enjoys a challenge even more. (As an aside, I first began writing articles for Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine and that morphed into my column, “The Mixed-Media Metalsmith” that I currently produce for every issue. I’m lucky to spend time with her each year at the CREATE Art Retreats as well.)

Long story short, as the team was working on their handmade bracelets for the celebs, as well as making all their charms for the make n’ take, Carol LaValley, ICE Resin’s Content Coordinator, started working with Paige Martin, CPS associate editor, to push the ebook to fruition and put the publishing machine into drive. I asked the entire team to document their journey with behind-the-scene pictures. Everyone also had to write step-by-step instructions for their bracelets and also talk about the inspiration behind their pieces. I even hunkered down in my studio and made leather cuff bracelets for the guys. Thank goodness for my friend Dahlia Ziffra who came to my rescue to provide the incredibly beautiful leather cuffs to use a base for my ICE Resin bezels and designs. I’ve made cuffs before, and absolutely love doing them, but there was literally no time to pull it together. What is that saying about necessity being the mother of invention?!

ICE Resin jewelry for men

Every artist on the Susan Lenart Kazmer ICE Resin  team made the most beautiful, inspired original wearable art for the celebs. Carol ended up editing/compiling nearly 10,000 words for this book, along with getting Paige all of the photos. Jenn, Paige and her art people designed an incredibly beautiful ebook so others can, in turn, make jewelry like what the stars will be wearing.

Interweave’CPS_IceResinWebinar-500-register[11]%20copy_jpg-130x130s marketing department is doing a wonderful job spreading the word. Take a look at what was sent out today to subscribers of Cloth, Paper, Scissors daily email blast. I’m so thrilled and proud to see another publication in our line up. I hope you find #handmade bracelets  inspiring and fun.

In addition to the ebook release, we did a webinar with Interweave yesterday. More than 1,700 people signed up to attend! If you happened to miss it and still want more information, here is the link to download it and listen in, Creative Members Pamela Huntington and Cindy Cima Edwards were the moderators, along with myself, and they rocked it!

Happy Friday everyone! Thanks so much for all of you who checked out my blog and took the time to enter the giveaway for a signed copy of my new book, Making Metal Jewelry. I really enjoyed reading everyone’s comments about what kind of jewelry they like or want to make. I also want to give a shout out to Kristal for taking the time to tell such a sweet story about why elephants are a sacred talisman for her. It really touched my soul. I truly believe every human being in the world has a story to tell, and that its through the sharing and telling of stories that we connect with each other on a deeper level. I also want to send a quick thanks to our amazing ICE Resin Creative Team members who shared my giveaway on their Facebook pages — Jen Crossley, Cindy Cima Edwards, Lexi Grenzer and Pamela Huntington. These ladies inspire my soul with their gorgeous creations and I’m so blessed to call them friends.

So the winner of an autographed copy of my book is Yoli! Sent to my blog for the first time from Lexi. As you can see, I used and the winner was 22. I counted backwards in the order they appear  from the first person to comment to the last one. Yoli, I sent you an email and need your address. For those of you who didn’t win, keep an eye out on the ICE Queen eZine (our company blog). I will be sprinkling signed book giveaways here on my blog and also there on the company one too. To learn about it, be sure to read the blog and “like” our ICE Resin Facebook page.

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