Mold making and casting process

My Peep Pie Journal workshop at Art is You Santa Rosa is almost full. Only two spaces left. By this time next week, I’ll be hanging out in gorgeous wine country with my artsy tribe. I can’t wait! Since so many folks are interested in the mold making and casting process with ICE Resin, and since this technique is the focal point of my workshop next week, I’ve been sharing process pics on my Instagram and Facebook business page this week. To give credit where credit’s due, Susan was the first to cast a lock. I saw hers and fell in love.

I’m teaching myself how to do video and editing since it’s my plan to start offering some online classes. Let’s just say I still have A LOT to learn about making and producing videos. However, in an effort to jump in and try out my skills, I put together a little marketing video for my journal class. I wanted to share something with those of you who might not be able to attend the Art is You retreat this time around. (Put it on your bucket list for sure though. It’s a pretty amazing art tribe, and you know there is serious truth in that saying You Vibe is Your Tribe!)

I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek:


Going, going. gone…Art is You registration

AIYlogoGetting down to the wire here with Art is You Santa Rosa. I hope you will be joining me, as I’m super excited about this new teaching event for me. I have only a couple of spots left in my Peep-Pie journal class, but more openings in both my Wild and Free Gypsy Heart and Bronze Bambino workshops. These classes all focus on some really awesome ICE Resin techniques – pouring, mixing, coloring, layering, embedding, casting, resin paper. In addition I’m teaching wireworking and beading techniques in a skill-building way.


Not in the Northern California region? Check out my class offerings for 2016 at Bead and Button in Milwaukee (search the teacher list for my name and you can see all my classes. Here’s my resin layers one) and also Bead Fest in Philadelphia. For you Phoenicians, remember that Art Unraveled is the only time I’m teaching locally, and this year I had to limit it to two workshops due to other projects in the works.

Oh and you San Diego peeps, remember that I’ll be at Charity Wings in May 12-14 for their 10 year anniversary Art Decadence celebration. I’m on the Board of Directors for this 501(c)(3) Non-Profit crafting organization and art center and have been a big supporter of Elena’s mission and vision for years now. When I teach at Charity Wings, I donate my time. The class fees collected are earmarked for educational programs of the various special needs organizations/students who attend weekly. I’ve had the sincere pleasure of being at the art center during some of these classes and I cannot tell you how much it warms my heart and reaffirms my belief in the good of humanity when I meet these amazing people. There is one woman with the most generous spirit who always gives me her project when she sees me. She tells me that seeing me smile when she gives me her art is what makes her happy. Seriously, brings tears to my eyes every time I’m such a softie. Here are links to my two classes; Metal Mania and ICE Resin Basics and Beyond

Til next time. Hope you are having an Artful week.



Art is You Last Call

AIYinstagramArt is You, the fabulous life-affirming mixed-media art retreat in Santa Rosa, California is a little under a month away and I’m gearing up for my workshops. I’m not finished with my studio purge and re-organization yet, but a girl’s still gotta do what a girl’s gotta do and, for me, that’s work! I have a temporary fold up table in one corner right now that is just for Art is You. I’m making my ICE Resin castings and getting all my supplies gathered into one big heap so I can make kits next week.

My journal class has only a couple spots left, but there’s still room in my other two workshops — Bronze Bambino and My Wild and Free Gypsy Heart. If you live in the Northern California area or love wine and visiting wine country + making art or have family in the area that you’ve been wanting to see, don’t delay any longer. Registration closes on April 3rd and Salianne and Ellen sent a notice letting their folks know the block of rooms set aside at the discounted is almost full. If that’s not enough incentive, I received a notice in my email this morning that Southwest Airlines is having a tip -off sale with one-way airfare starting at $69. I just checked how much it is from Phoenix to San Francisco and it came up as $158 round trip.  I managed to take advantage of their Spring Sale a few weeks ago and also got a smokin’ good airfare. Plus, it’s Southwest so 2 free bags (important consideration when you are bringing art supplies!)

Just wanted to take a moment to reach out. I’m heading to wine country, meeting up with my art-making tribe and gearing up for an awesome trip. Honestly, I would LOVE for you to join me on this adventure.




To bead..or not to bead

That is never the question. This little lead in is my way of telling you that I’m all packed and ready for the 2016 To Bead True Blue in Tucson. This is my sixth year attending/teaching this show and it’s one I definitely look forward to all year long.

I spent some time in my studio this week making some new art samples to show my students. Mostly ideas I had for new techniques and ways of showing some of the ideas I will be presenting.

Take a peek at the necklace I made using crushed quail’s egg shells. I kept it simple by using our brand new tints to color the background. Then I added the eggs in a layer and then the words from one of my favorite poetry books that I cut up often for mixed-media jewelry. I have all the materials on hand, so my fast-moving students are going to be able to work on the pendant after they finish their “fly” bracelet.


This isn’t the first time I’ve used eggs in my work. I was with Susan in France the year in 2008 when she found some sweet little quails eggs at the weekly market. She bought a box for everyone and took them back to La Cascade so we could all make the most beautiful focal pendants. I loved the idea so much that when I returned home I tracked down some hollowed out quail’s eggs and started exploring other design possibilities. I made this bracelet for our first Explore, Create, Resinate book that came out in 2011. I’ve had a number of requests over the years to teach this bracelet, so I’m finally doing so this year.


By the way, did you know it is not easy to travel with fragile quails eggs for my students’ kits? Ahhhh, the things your instructors go through for you (grin!)

I’ll be teaching this bracelet class and two more at the To Bead True Blue Show at the Doubletree Hotel Sunday and Monday. There are some spots left and, as always, I made up the max kits so I’m prepared. The other classes focus on resin casting — an all time fav! Also wireworking and cold enameling. Click on Susan’s website to register.

I will be coming home Monday evening after teaching just in time to get my daughter into the doctor Tuesday morning to get the cast on her arm removed. Yes, for those of you who might not know, she broke her arm Christmas evening being stubborn thinking she’s big enough to ride her teenage brother’s hover board.

I’ll be back at the show and at the booth Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We have some meetings set, but I’m planning to spend a lot of time at the show demo-ing all the cool new products. If you are around Tucson next week, please come see me and say hello.



Off to CHA 2016

As you know, we have a brand new partnership with Ranger Industries. Susan Lenart Kazmer is the Creative Director of ICE Resin and my new title is the Director of Education for ICE Resin. These last five months have been a whirlwind of constant activity, but it’s all been behind the scenes stuff as Susan, myself and every single one of the amazing people at Ranger have been working on the brand new 2016 Susan Lenart Kazmer ICE Resin releases. The time is finally here!!! I’m heading to CHA — the Craft and Hobby Association megashow today (Friday, Jan 8th) to join up with everyone and see with my own eyes our brand new booth. I will also get to see all the new product packaged, displayed and ready to go. It’s an incredibly exciting time and, honestly, a dream come true.

Susan and I feel great about the new products and the entire SLK line. Her vision has never wavered, and she’s known from the get-go exactly what she wants to see on store shelves everywhere. Ranger’s commitment to quality has been outstanding. We’ve been testing the new products; coming up with brand new art techniques to show our students, friends and fans; working with their graphics team on all improved packaging and the branding expert and digital content manager and all the rest of the million and one little details that it takes to bring products to market.

Ranger did a sneak peek of the new products on Monday. If you missed it, here is the link to the press releases. Also, I did a series of beginning educational videos to be released this year. Here’s a link to the first one I did showing how to use the new 8oz kit. Others will be coming after CHA when everyone gets back to the office.

Susan is teaching an artisan class tonight at CHA. I’ll be teaching the ICE Resin Basics and Beyond class Monday morning. These classes are for the arts and crafts industry and taught to store owners so they can learn how to use the products and, hopefully, head home after the show to develop great classes for their people. You must be a CHA member to take these classes and gain entry to the show. Here is a peek at the necklace my students will be making. It uses the faux opal technique, collaging a bezel and also my absolute favorite thing to do with ICE Resin — casting!


Remember though we will at the To Bead True Blue show is Tucson teaching with our new products and techniques and Ranger will also have an ICE Resin booth were it will be the first time where people can purchase the new stuff, along with all the other SLK products and lots of ICE Resin, of course. Interested in registering? Head on over to Susan’s website.

If you’re interested in CHA and want to watch some of the goings on from your home, be sure to check out Charity Wings. My friend Elena Lai Etcheverry is doing free livestreaming from the show floor Saturday and Sunday. She’ll be interviewing us noon PST Saturday at the booth. Here is a picture of a new ICE Resin necklace I made her to wear at the show. Her organization’s logo is a heart with wings, which is one of my favorite art symbols too. It’s about four layers of resin, vintage mother of pearl buttons and uses Tim Holtz’ Ideaology wings covered in Iced Enamels.


Also be sure to follow ICE Resin Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. To stay up on all the Ranger Signature Designers, be sure to follow their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts too. Lots to see!

After the show is over, I’m heading to the Charity Wings Art Center to spend some time  at the first ever after-CHA designer party. So many friends only see each other once a year and it’s always so crazy at the show that Elena organized a get together where we can all have some downtime and just chat and relax. I’ll be returning home next week, take a long weekend with my family and then gear up immediately for To Bead True Blue.

If you are looking for art retreats this year, please check out my website to see where I’m teaching. I’ll also be adding new ones as they come up. 2016 is off to a busy start! How lucky am I???

Here’s wishing you an incredibly ARTFUL 2016 for yourselves.


Seats Limited for Tucson

Now that we’ve turned the corner on 2016, it’s time to start seriously thinking about Tucson. Hotel rooms are getting full, but there are still some houses to rent if you use an online rental service like Air BnB or Flipkey. Spaces for our Tucson workshops at To Bead True Blue are filling up quickly.

I’m teaching the first two days of the TBTB show: Jan 31st and Feb. 1. As I was thinking about my 2016 workshops in June and July (this is when teaching artists start making new work and contemplating next year’s classes), I realized that what I love to teach and make is a mixed-media combination of freeform wirework, cold attachment with fibers and eyelets, wire beading, collage, color and ICE Resin, of course. I always make and teach pieces that I like to wear myself. Since I have a busy lifestyle, I need my jewelry to be comfortable and long lasting so I can get through the 12-14 hour days on the road still wearing my pieces all the way back to my hotel room.

I teach process and technique classes while ensuring that my students leave the day with finished jewelry. There is nothing more frustrating to me than spending six hours making something beautiful but walking away with UFOs (unfinished objects). I think it’s because when I used to bring pieces and parts home to my studio from classes, it seemed to take me a long time to get them completed.

Take a peek below at the workshops I’m offering in Tucson. If you like what you see, head on over to Susan’s website at and register. You will immediately pay for them via Paypal. I’ll be sending an email to my students before the show to talk about the tools and materials to bring with you, but I assure you I kept it to a minimum for 2016. Also, a little note on my art samples. I was going through a blue phase since we went to France last year and that gorgeous French Blue was dancing about my brain. I will have plenty of materials/imagery and color choices on hand for you to make these pieces any color combination that excites you!


Time to think about 2016 classes

My 2016 teaching schedule for the national retreats is 99.9% set. I’m just waiting to hear from one more. If you’re a fan of making mixed media jewelry, please consider taking a workshop from me next year. I’ll be teaching all my favorite stuff — ICE Resin, wire working, chain making, resin layering, mold making and casting, incorporating organics in resin and well…lots more.

Most of what I’m slated to teach is, indeed, jewelry making. Here’s the thing though. What I teach can be used in other mixed-media applications. Before I did jewelry, I was always adding metal elements to my assemblages and collages. Now when I do work in these mediums I find myself  including something jewelry-related into my pieces. Of course, it looks nothing like jewelry, but that always makes me happy. Whenever I’m making art, I strive to naturally incorporate the techniques as organically as possible so what’s most prevalent is the story. Everything I make has a story – real or imagined. That’s just the way I roll.

Speaking of stories, I’m teaching at Art is You for the first time in 2016. I created all new classes for this retreat. If you live on the West Coast or have family to visit in California, come spend a day or two with me. I have some extra tricks up my sleeves for AIY. I had so much fun creating this PeepPie leather journal. It’s the perfect example of some jewelry-making techniques that I sneaked into the instruction but you’d never know it.


The rest of the year you will find me at the usual places. CHA (trade show only but there are still a handful of spots in my Resin Basics and Beyond 2-hour class) and then a few weeks later the To Bead True Blue show in Tucson. Susan and I are excited because for the first time Ranger Ink (our new business partners) will be manning the booth while we teach. There are some really exciting new products in the Susan Lenart Kazmer line that are debuting at CHA and Tucson. Be sure to stop by if you plan to come to the show. Register for my classes now.

I’ll also be returning to the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee and to Bead Fest Philly. For you Mid westerners and East Coasters, this is the time to find me. Bead and Button registration opens Dec. 15th. Bead Fest Summer should be opening for registration soon too.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you also know that I’m teaching an online class in 2016 too as part of the Art Jewelry Adventure virtual retreat. Registration for this one can be found here.

I have a few other irons in the fire that I’ll be filling in throughout 2016. As always, subscribe to my blog or check out my website under workshops to see the schedule.

By the time you’re reading this, I’ll be back from Ohio. Susan and I got together in person for five days to get some art samples made for the ICE Resin booth at CHA. I’m so stoked because Ranger is building a brand new booth and we are going to be adjacent to them for the show. We have LOTS of eye candy planned with all the new SLK line of products. It was amazing to roll up my sleeves with her in her studio and get messy. I came home with a to do list as long as Santa’s naughty or Nice list, but I’m excited to spend some real time in my studio now making art. To that end, I’ll probably be on the quieter side here on my blog in my social media while I do a little extra juggling.

I hope your days counting down to the holidays are not super stressful and that you’re enjoying the extra good things that come with the season.