Save the Date; Art is You Santa Rosa


I have some more exciting news to share. I’ll be teaching at Art is You retreats for the first time in 2016. I’ve admired what Sallianne and Ellen have been doing for a long time with their wonderfully creative art retreats. Some of my closest friends are instructors at Art is You, and I have been hearing rave reviews about their classes and students for a long time now.  I’m truly honored to be included in an unbelievable lineup of talent for Art is You in Santa Rosa, California.

I’m happy to say that I developed all brand new workshops for this retreat. I’ll be teaching three mixed-media classes. Two are jewelry related and the other is a beautiful leather journal. I wanted to ensure people with beginning jewelry-making skills feel confident about their abilities to do the class. To this end, I built projects that I know are completely doable as well as lovely. And for many of you who subscribe to my blog, please don’t worry. I kept you in mind as I was creating these workshops because I know you’ve got some mad jewelry skills already. I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Take peek at the workshop schedule .

If you click this link to register, you’ll receive $20 off your registration fee.

Want to see what I’m teaching? Here’s some pics.


My Wild and Free Gypsy Heart


PeepPie Leather Journal


Bronze Bambino Art to Wear

More to come on Art is You Santa Rosa. For now, I’m thrilled to tell you to simply Save the Date.


Art Jewelry Retreat opens today


Happy Sunday everyone. Hope you are having a great day. I just wanted to let you know the “Buy It Before You Win It” contest for the upcoming Art Jewelry Adventure Retreat is now closed. Winners have been announced. Congrats to Karen Lackey. She is the winner from my contest. Karen was one of the first 25 people to enter and she was the first person to share my information on Facebook. Trusty online app picked number 17 and made Karen the winner.

Thanks for all of the support you guys showed me in both entering and sharing of the contest. I’m so pleased with the response that I’ll be sending everyone who entered their name and email on my form a free resin project sheet .pdf that I promised to the first 25 folks. For those who entered, please keep an eye out for it in your mailboxes this coming week.

Today is the first day that online registration for Art Jewelry Adventure Retreat online opens. Illysa and Kira have made 100 goodie bags that are packed with product for those who sign up. If you’re thinking this is the right online art retreat for you next year, please click my instructor link here and make it happen.

Not convinced? Want to see a little video to learn more? Here’s one that introduces all the instructors for the event.

In case you didn’t see my last blog post, this is the necklace I’ll be teaching you how to make. Techniques include working with backless bezels, designing with transparent imagery, embedding organics in ICE Resin and, of course, guaranteed success when working with ICE for your jewelry making. I’ll also be teaching how to make a beautiful wireworked chain from my favorite metal fibers and bronze wire. This includes a handmade wireworked clasp to complete your necklace. You guys know how much I adore making (and teaching!) jewelry using 100% handmade components.




Here’s wishing everyone a truly Artful week to come!


Art Jewelry Online Adventure Contest


I have some pretty exciting news to share. Many of you have been asking me to teach an online workshop for years. I keep coming back with the response that I promise, I’m working on it. Well…this time I mean it. I will be participating in an AMAZING online jewelry making workshop that will happen for all of 2016 with 16 other incredible talented jewelry artists.

Maybe you’ve heard of — or participated in — the wildly successful Polymer Clay Adventure that’s been happening online this year. Well, Ilysa and Kira, the organizers of this retreat who’re also pretty fantastic polymer clay experts/artists (plus podcasters + authors + hosts of Polymer Clay TV) asked if I’d bring an ICE Resin workshop to their latest endeavor called Art Jewelry Adventure. Fellow travelers, hang on. I said Yes with a capital Y and I jumped on board for some seriously rockin’ fun.

Registration open Sunday, October 25th. However, these ladies have put together a really cool contest called Win It Before You Can Buy It. If you fill out this form then you will be tied to me and will be entered for a chance to win your spot in the Art Jewelry Online Adventure. Also, as an added bonus, I’ll send a free resin .pdf tutorial to the first 25 people who register with my link that comes directly from the new book Explore, Create, Resinate Jewelry.

For my online workshop, I’ll be teaching you how to successfully work with backless bezels, transparent imagery and organic material. Also how to properly use ICE Resin with guaranteed results. I’ll also be teaching some fun and easy wire link chain making (which includes how to properly and safely use a torch to draw beads on wire and create “metal fibers”.) And this is just my little ‘ole self/class. Take a peek. The instructor line up is awesome.

Lots more info on Art Jewelry Adventure Online to come here on my blog and also my social media channels. Stay tuned. For now, here’s the 411 for entering the contest. Act now because, it’s only for this week.

Remember — Click this Link. Fill out the Form. Please share this exact link with jewelry making friends and family. First 25 to sign up with this link will get a free resin .pdf tutorial.





Bead Fest Philly classes

Ok all you East coast folks and jewelry making aficionados, I’m talking to you! This is the first time I will be attending/teaching at Bead Fest Philadelphia for the summer show. Believe it or not, I’ve never been to Philly, even though one of my bestest girlfriends is from there and her mom is always offering for me to come stay with them and visit.

I’ll be teaching four, 45-minute beginner workshops, which is also a first for me.  The image below is a screen shot from some PR Interweave recently sent out. It’s always nice to see my work being featured. Take a peek over at the Bead Fest 2015 site. They’re lots of incredible instructors and classes already sold out, but there’s also some fun to be had for those who’re much more spontaneous and are ready to say, “what the heck? Let’s go!”




August is a busy teaching month

This summerJenCushmanAUAutumnHarvest1 turned a little busier than I had originally planned. A couple of new teaching opportunities popped up in the last couple months and I haven’t even had the time to put them on my website. I’ll be in Phoenix, San Diego and Philadelphia in August teaching metalsmithing, resin and wireworking classes. Here’s a quick run down if you’re interested. Most of the classes are filling up quickly, but there’s usually a spot or two open for even last-minute sign ups.

Art Unraveled — August 4-8

This is a wonderful national mixed-media art retreat that just a happens to take place in my hometown of Phoenix in August. Yep, you heard correctly. Phoenix, Arizona and August. Why? Because the lovely large suites at the Embassy Suites are on summer rates. Linda Young has been organizing Art Unraveled for more than a decade and brings to town some of the top mixed-media instructors across the United States. People always assume that because I’m local, I must teach at other Phoenix venues. The truth is that I rarely teach locally. Art Unraveled is the one time of year I get to see my fellow Arizona art enthusiasts. I also vend during the Extravaganza so that’s the time I get to really talk to folks and catch up.

I’m teaching a class on making wire forms with resin paper. While it’s a project-based necklace, I’m doing my usual of teaching lots of wireworking and jewelry-making techniques throughout the day. In the end, students will finish as beautiful necklace and leave with a strong foundation for basic metalwork — cutting, filing, torch work, annealing, drawing a bead, dapping and doming, wire wrapping, freeform wire and working with resin. Take a peek here at the Autumn Harvest description. I’d love to see you.

I’ll also be doing my Bangle Angle class at AU. This is a fun, fast and fulfilling class where I focus on forging and annealing –major metal fundamentals. Students will make multiple organic bangles. Anyone afraid of using a torch will quickly get over any fears. This class has one seat left as of this post. It’s always one of my most popular.


Also, for the first time, the amazing artist Leighanna Leight and I will be teaming up to teach a molding and resin jewelry class. Called A Face in the Crowd, we’ll be exploring figurative work along with Cold Enameling and jewelry making.  I haven’t been able to do a lot of team teaching in the past, but I adore collaboration and am excited to be working with someone as talented as Leighanna. It’s a two-evening class where we will get to have lots and lots of hands on fun.


Next, I’m heading over to San Diego to do a wire class at the Charity Wings Art Center. If you want to spend an afternoon on August 16th learning new jewelry making skills, or wirewrapping techniques that, I promise, will take your work to the next level sign up now and join me at the art center. You’ll just need to grab your jewelry making pliers (round nose, chain nose and a sharpie marker) and the rest of the supplies and tools are waiting for you there. Bring your what-makes-you-happy drink (for me it’s a caramel iced coffee, but for some of my students it’s a nice bottle of cold Chardonnay) and a smile.


Lastly, in August, I will be at BeadFest Philadelphia teaching five introductory jewelry-making classes using ICE Resin. I’ll be posting more about this in a few weeks with pics, so for now, here’s the link to take a look at and register. These classes are limited to 20 students and three of the five are almost at capacity.

I know I’ve been pretty quiet since returning home from France. It’s the end of summer break and I’m diving in deep to motherhood and enjoying family time. I’m only working a few hours each morning (getting up really early and finishing up before my kids even wake up). We’re spending our days kayaking or going on picnics, swimming at our favorite swimming hole and hanging out in the cool waters of Fossil Springs. Evenings include watching movies on the sofa, snuggled up in the cool air and cocooning ourselves inside. My kids start school next week and then it’s back to normal life. I’m cherishing this time and am pretty happy with my decision to get off my electronic devices so I can enjoy this “staycation”.

I’ll see you next week at Art Unraveled and be ready to party after my little break.





Beads and Buttons

Today I’m headed to Milwaukee for the annual Bead and Button Show sponsored by Bead and Button Magazine (Kalmbach Publishing). I’ll be teaching three classes, attending the always-fabulous Meet the Teachers reception and, of course, shopping for some fantastic jewelry-making supplies.

I also get to hang out with my beautiful business partner/bff Susan Lenart Kazmer, which is always a rip-roaring great time. Susan is such a rockstar instructor. She’s got four workshops and all of them are almost full. We teach opposite schedules so that means I will get to hang out in a couple of her classes like the old days where I can help out and be there to soak up all the wonderful, creative energy.


I’ll be teaching my always-popular ICE Resin Layers and Depth workshop twice. The first class sold out so I was asked to repeat it. Love when that happens! I’m also teaching a metalworking class called Chevron Drops. I created this workshop so people could really hone in on metalworking basics of forging, annealing and manipulating wire while walking out with a well-designed necklace. I love doing these types of classes. I called them process-project. The teaching is linear with repetitive steps. You can learn a lot quickly. The teaching style allows information to cement itself in the brain. If you are reading this, are going to Bead and Button and want to take this class, there are spots available. You can still sign up on site at the show.

Chevron Drops Jen Cushman

If you’ve never been to Bead and Button and want to see some inside action, be sure to follow my social media. I plan to Instagram a lot during my five days. Will be Tweeting and Facebooking too.

I won’t be posting much to the blog this week, but I’ve got a summer beeswax collage tutorial coming up for you next.





Assemblage kit with CPS

If you subscribe to the Cloth, Paper, Scissors digital newsletter via email, you might have noticed today’s post (May 20th) is about yours truly. Interweave has put together Resin Assemblage with Jen Cushman Value Pack kit that includes ICE Resin and Susan Lenart Kazmer Molding Putty along with two of my new videos. The price of the kit is under $50. Pretty good deal when you consider the molding putty runs $16, the resin plunger is $12 and then the dvds are $20 each. (More pics of the kit at the bottom of this post).

Here is a pic of Online Editor Cheri Haas’ column today. She’s refreshing a blog post I wrote a while back, but the kit announcement is in there too:


Y’all know I seriously love casting with ICE Resin. There is something so thrilling each time I’m able to take an object, make a silicone mold of it and then have the ability as an artist to transform that object in any way I desire. I feel like an alchemist when I use resin. This object, this thing — frozen Charlotte doll, old key, lock, hardware, handmade polymer clay bead, vintage button skeleton leaves — anything — can be cast and then recreated in ICE. Not only that, I can add spices to the resin like tea leaves or smoked Paprika. I can color it with Perfect Pearls mica. I can make the resin opaque with ink or acrylic paint. Not stopping there, I can add surface design and texture to my pieces to make them look like the real deal or completely fantastical, like something out of a science fiction novel. This, my friends, is the real reason why I’m truly obsessed with casting. Whatever I can dream up as an artist, I can create with just molding putty and ICE.

Take a look at a new necklace I finished just yesterday. It’s part of a collection of jewelry I create based on my Breaking Out of the Bezel workshop that I’ve taught nationwide.

Jen Cushman Moon Cast Resin


If you have already bought my dvds, I sincerely thank you for your support. If you’ve been streaming them on Craft Daily, I thank you! If you want to take a peek and get your hands messy with putty and ICE, think about giving the kit a try. If you want to learn casting from me directly and live in or near Texas, remember I’m teaching at Art-Xscape this fall.



kit contents