A great online resource

I’m probably a little slow on the uptake here, but I recently ran across a great online fashion resource in Imogene Lamport’s blog. Be sure to check Inside Out Style; Where Science and Art of Style Collide. I wanted to share with you today one of her awesome graphics that easily points out how to choose a necklace to flatter the neckline of your top. Most artists and fashionistas know the pairing of shapes and colors by instinct, but I thought this was a really handy guide for those on-the-go days when you don’t have time to think or when you’re traveling and need to pre-pair outfits.

As a jewelry artist, I can see using this little style guide in my studio for days when I’m feeling like I’ve made too many of the same shapes and need to step out of my box. Last week, I made a triangle pendant that came out fab. Thanks to this graphic, I’m inspired to break out some of my beautiful beads from Connie Crystal and lots of little ICE Resin charms for a new asymmetrical statement necklace.

Imogene Lamport's Fashion Guide

2 thoughts on “A great online resource

  1. Since the graphic belongs to Ms. Lamport and I just referenced it today because it works so well with jewelry making, it would be awesome if you follow the direct link above to her post and pin it from her site. Thanks Laura for asking and being a responsible pinner!

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