Sign up for Creative Jump Start 2012

There is still one day left to sign up for Creative Jump Start 2012. This is the brainchild of my dear German friend Nathalie Kalmbach, who managed to get 31 artists and designers to offer their best pieces of advice on inspiration and how to get out of the creative doldrums. It was a huge undertaking for Nat to accomplish, not that the participants weren’t thrilled to be asked — but just that we had to get our assignments turned in December, which isn’t the easiest time of year to take on additional work.

Then Nat had to do the really hard work of compiling the information, writing the intros, handling the sign ups etc. All that effort is going to be worth is though as she has put together a really amazing program and its all FREE. Yes, free. Just sign up.

I only mention all the work that went into it because I think sometimes we don’t recognize fully the amount of love and effort people in creative community put out for the our love of art and design and collaboration. I truly am honored to be one of the artists featured in the program, and I can’t wait to check in on a daily basis to see what great advice the others have to share.

Check out Nathalie’s post on Creative Jump Start 2012 for more information and how to subscribe.

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