I {heart} Saturdays

Another very quick post today for I {heart} Saturdays since I’m teaching in La Jolla at CKU (Creating Keepsakes University).

I saw this posted on someone’s wall on Facebook. The only reference to its originator is The Book of Quotes. If anyone knows more about this and where I should be giving proper credit, please leave me a comment and I will add it.

It’s probably pretty easy to see why this quote inspires me. But the reason I wanted to make it my inspiration for today is because as I’m surrounded by scrapbookers who have such a passion for documenting and keeping their families’ personal histories, I’m thinking about my own children.

I feel such responsibility raising children in today’s world. I want to teach my son and daughter how to keep their hearts open to life’s opportunities, but to also be powerful by not allowing people to stomp them down and make them ever feel less than or not good enough.

I’ve dealt with low self-esteem in my life and the effects of it. Part of my mission now is to let people know they are good enough just the way they are. Whatever hardships or problems or issues we have are our life lessons. We can change our life by changing our thoughts, our words and our actions. I truly believe each person has something they came into this world to do, and success is a given with focus, hard work and positive energy.

I want my children to see this and to know this deep within. I want them to listen to that little voice and to know — simply know — that who they are is enough. Better than enough. They are phenomenal.

Here’s wishing all of you a very Artful day!

Land of La Jolla

I’m off to sunny Southern California this week to teach at CKU with my dear friend Kristen Robinson. We’re teaching an ICE Resin bracelet class that is going to be so much fun. It’s wonderful to show scrapbookers how easy it is to wear their own beautiful art for all the world to admire. And, of course, I simply cannot wait to give my friend a big hug and stay up until all hours of the evening catching up as only girlfriends can. Plus, I’m hoping we can sneak away for sushi one evening too. Anyone know of a good sushi restaurant close to the Hyatt Regency in La Jolla?

I hope to have time to take lots of photos with my iPhone. I know I’ll be adding them to my Jen Cushman Artist page on Facebook, but plan to see if I can get my WordPress blogging app for my phone to work too. No guarantees on this one because it can be hard to learn new technology in the midst of teaching craziness, but I’ll try!

CKU Reunion October 27-29, 2011

Hyatt Regency La Jolla in San Diego, CA.

Cost is $295 (does not include hotel room or food)

includes album track, four 90 minute classes, evening activities,

goodies, prizes, and more!

Register online at 


Getting my Industrial Chic On

Industrial Chic by Susan Lenart Kazmer bounty!
LOVE this new charm!

As many of you know, my friend and business partner in ICE Resin is the fabulously talented Susan Lenart Kazmer. I’ve been talking about her for years, and will continue to do so, because she is just one of the most amazingly talented artists I have ever met. She is also one of the smartest business women and entrepreneurs I’ve encountered, which is saying A LOT because I used to interview a lot of CEOs and companies when I worked as a business reporter for the Tucson Citizen.

In addition to creating ICE Resin and an incredible line of handcrafted bezels and products for Susan Lenart Kazmer The Art Mechanique, she designed a craft line of jewelry components last year that’s exclusive to Michaels stores nationwide and in Canada. Industrial Chic was an immediate success when it hit the stores last May. It even won an award from Michaels as one of the top three best sellers in 2010. She continues to make Industrial Chic components for new releases each Spring and Fall.

While Industrial Chic is Susan’s brainchild from beginning to end, I feel very fortunate to be among her inner circle of designers, along with Kristen Robinson and Barbe Saint John (AMAZING artists in their own right) who get to work with new Industrial Chic immediately after they come out of production and right before they hit the stores.

I really loved this last goodie box. I had to laugh aloud the moment I saw the working blinky eye with long eyelashes that Susan set into one of her signature bezels. Of course, I adore the little cars and am happy with each new release of another one. The pop of blue of the old car in this new release is stunning.

I think my favorite charm this time around is her textured and fold formed heart. She told an interesting story in the summer 2011 issue of Belle Armoire about how she disliked hearts from her days of study at the Chicago Art Institute, but how her life has changed and she can appreciate the symbology of the shape. If you haven’t seen this issue of Belle Armoire, pick one up if you can. Susan’s profile is really well done.

Keep an eye out soon at your local Michaels stores for the new Fall releases. Also, be sure to check back in with me to see what kinds of things I’m designing using my favorite craft components.

A few more of my favorites from the new Fall line. I really adore Susan’s folded hearts. Also, notice the little blue car???

I {heart} Saturdays

I spent Thursday and Friday in Phoenix working on an upcoming article on an amazing once a month shopping event called Sweet Salvage. I wrote a post about it in August when I stumbled across this amazing vintage shopping extravaganza experience. I knew from the moment I saw Sweet Salvage that I absolutely had to write about it and take photos, so I called one of my favorite magazine editors and pitched the story in a very high voice. I was practically squealing with glee, which I think might have helped sell the story (grin).

Because I’m writing about it, I really can’t sneak peek here on my blog. (The magazine must have first dibs.) This little French dolly, however, inspires me to no end. I simply had to buy her!

There was so much inspiration at Sweet Salvage, but today I’m dedicating I {heart} Saturdays to Brooke Giannetti. She writes the inspiring interior design blog Velvet and Linen and I was lucky enough to meet her Thursday because she was doing a book signing of Patina Style at the event. Brooke’s book is stunning. The photos in this large coffee-table hardback book will make you swoon. Plus, she is gorgeous and so very, very nice. I’m always thrilled to meet people where talent and beauty and sincerity are all rolled up into one person.

Brooke’s book, Patina Style is my inspiration for today. Check it out, you won’t be dissapointed if you, too, are a lover of vintage items infused with authentic texture and color.

Note: I haven’t had the time to download my photos from my camera. These photos were taken from Brooke’s blog and photo credit belongs to her. Thanks Brooke!

Here’s hoping that you are having a truly Artful Saturday!

Great Book Review

Hi everyone. Just a quick check in today to let you know that the talented artist Cindi Bisson did a wonderful review of my book Explore, Create, Resinate: Mixed Media Techniques Using ICE Resin over on When Creativity Knocks.

Cindi is a fellow CHA Designer member and a very creative person. I’ve seen some of her new work and I’m so enamoured with the way her artistic brain continues to ask the question “What if I do this????” and keeps coming up with interesting designs. She’s also the Product Review Manager and an Associate Producer for When Creativity Knocks, which is great Internet television for finding fun craft ideas.

If you have a minute to read Cindi’s review, please do so. Also be sure to surf around the channels of WCK where you’re guaranteed click your way through crafting paradise.

I {heart} Saturdays

Check out this AMAZING video on YouTube by Gallant and Keen. It’s a short  stop- motion art film that is divinely beautiful and has already inspired a couple of sketches in my journal for ideas. Without saying anything further, here is my inspiration for the week. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Up Today on Create Mixed Media

Normally, I don't stick my bio photo on my blog, but this image is a hint to the topic of this month's Art Choose you column at Create Mixed Media. Can you guess the topic? Look at my necklace!

I realized it’s been a while since I’ve talked about Create Mixed Media on my blog. Since I was recently required to review my website stats for an upcoming project, I now know that some of you are finding me from this amazing website. I figured it was a moot point to tell you about it if you’ve already been there and done that, but a closer look shows that some of you are finding me through google and bing searches. This makes me want to take a quick moment to tell you about CMM.

Create Mixed Media is a community portal website that opened last year. It belongs to, and is run by, F&W Publications, which has the imprint of North Light Books, a large and important publisher in our industry.

The editors debuted CMM right before CHA Winter this year. I remember it being an awesome moment when Editors/Executives Nancy Sorieno and Christine Doyle came to the Susan Lenart Kazmer ICE Resin booth to let me know the website was live. I proudly wore my Create Mixed Media button the entire 4 days of the trade show, even though it really didn’t go with any of the outfits and jewelry I brought along.

I’ve been continuing to write a monthly blog column for CMM, along with some awesome people who are also contributing editors for the website; Lesley Riley, Quinn McDonald and Karen Wallace. Each week, we take a turn writing about various topics. Lesley talks about making art every day, Quinn is the creativity coach and gives great advice and Karen writes about art’s restorative and healing attributes. We all write under the title of Creative Insights. My topic is public relations and marketing your art.

So far, I’ve written about QR codes and MOO cards and Summer CHA (Craft and Hobby Association). This month’s blog post is on one of the easiest and most affordable marketing things you can do to get your art noticed.

I’m always keeping my eye for ideas of what I think might make good topic of conversation. If you have an idea of things you might like to hear more about when it comes to pr and marketing, please comment here or drop me an email at jencushman@ymail.com, I’d really love the feedback.

In addition to Karen, Quinn, Lesley and my blogs, there are all kinds of giveaways and book reviews and free e-book downloads, as well as Podcasts by Ricë Freeman Zachary and artist profiles. Good stuff.

My October blog column is up now, if you’d like to take a look. Also, check out the great week in art visualized this week by Patricia Seggebrush, who does the coolest paintings with encaustic and has written a great book on the subject.