Create Mixed Media

Have you seen the new website If you haven't, click over as fast as you can to see what the good folks at F&W Media have worked so hard to build and launch.

This is theplace on the Internet to find all your favorite mixed media artists in one spot. I love looking at the site and seeing all the smiling faces of my wonderful friends there. The cutie patootie Doris Arndt is up there right now with her Artist Spotlight. My friend Josie Cirincione has also been featured, along with the lovely Mary Beth Shaw, who has created a line of stencils that are mouthwatering to use on your canvases, journal pages, etc.

If you click over to this page before Thursday, you will also see my face on the website. I'm so honored to be one of the four contributing editors for Create Mixed Media. Each month, I'll be writing my "Art Choose You" column, which offers marketing and PR advice for artists. What amazing company I get to sit at the table with; Quinn McDonald, Lesley Riley and Karen Wallace — all phenomenal women in their own right.

The Creative Insights posts are scheduled for every Thursday. So be sure to check in each week for lots of fun facts and information. It's all free too. Life is good.


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