My version of an apple for the teacher


School’s out this week, and I’ve always tried to do something special for the end of the school year. In addition to making cupcakes for the class, I try to give something handmade to my son’s classroom teacher.

Mrs. Ludwig is a wonderful 4th grade teacher who has been so helpful to my son this year. She’s also quite fashionable and always dressed impeccably with nice jewelry. I like that about her! At least the jewelry part. I guess if I had a 9-5 job, I would be better dressed. But working at home means my uniform consists of comfy yoga pants, a paint splattered t-shirt and fuzzy slippers.

It’s the mom look, I know. But the Bead and Button Show is coming up soon, and I’ve already pulled out my work wardrobe and jewelry to ensure no holes, or busted buttons or stains. I waited until the last moment once to do that right before CHA, and boy was I miserable. A hurried last-minute shopping trip just didn’t give me the additional confidence I was looking for.

But, I digress. As always. (grin). Back to Mrs. Ludwig. Since I’ve been working a lot with our gorgeous bronze wire, I decided to make her a simple pair of earrings suitable for working at an elementary school. A couple of our vintage coins wire wrapped with 20-gauge bronze wire and, easy peasy, a nice teacher gift. I hit the coins high spots with some sandpaper to bring out the highlights.

Am I ready for summer break? Oy! This is the first summer with two children at home. The baby is walking and into everything. The work/family balancing act is soon to be out of whack.

2 thoughts on “My version of an apple for the teacher

  1. I wish I was the teacher what a beautiful and thoughtful gift Jen.
    Cant believe your baby is up and about where does the time go,make the most of it as the time goes fast.My baby is 17 :{

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