Spring has sprung


Ahhhhhh, the weather is so gorgeous. Spring has sprung in my little neck of the woods. I recently took the hummingbird feeders out of storage and mixed up some sugar water for my fine-feathered friends that grace our property every spring and summer.

I love hummers, as both a bird species and for what they represent symbolically. Hummingbirds, to me personally, represent a constant state of busyness within the confines of a continual state of beauty and balance. Their incredible metabolisms mean they must constantly search for nectar to keep their tiny hearts beating and their wings whirring.

According to the website, hummingbirdworld, when hummingbird becomes your totem, it "teaches us to laugh and enjoy the creation, to appreciate the magic of being alive and truth of beauty.

The day I hung the feeders, this little beauty came to dine. She was wary of me at first, but I sat quietly on my deck with my camera in lap. As she came to drink, I raised my Nikon and caught her in flight. The original photo had a boring background, but a bit of manipulation here and there in Photoshop Elements gave me this result. Oh how I love photography and try to include it in my mixed media work.

I'm working on an image transfer using my hummer photo as I write this (It's drying on my desk and I'm so impatient that I need to always have another project to work on so I don't mess things up by working with pieces before they fully dry). I have plans for an assemblage and can't wait to put all the pieces and layers together.