See my work in Belle Armoire Jewelry!

FoundtreasureI finally got up the nerve to submit to Belle Armoire Jewelry, a fabulous Stampington and Company publication for mixed media jewelry folks.

I've been a huge fan of Stampington publications for at least 5 years. Having found so much inspiration in the various magazines' pages, I'm thrilled to finally see my work in living color. I literally sucked in my breath as I opened the magazine and saw my found object necklaces photographed so beautifully. 

It reminded me of the first time I ever saw my name in print for one of my articles (funny how I can still remember the feeling even though it's been 20 years now. Gasp!).

There is a tingling that begins in your face — usually right around the mouth when you break into a huge smile — that works its way throughout your whole body with a feeling of warmth, happiness and pride when you see YOUR words, your art or your creation on the pages of something so lovely and permanent.

TickettorideI will save my issue of the magazine and put it in my daughter's hope chest. She may not care that her mama was a published artist, but then again, she might just get the same warm fuzzy feeling of pride someday when she's old enough to look at the magazine and say to herself, "That's my mother."

Here's my pictures of my pieces. To see the real thing, please pick up a copy of Spring 2010 Belle Armoire Jewelry today.