CHA Global Display

JenGlobalDisplayCHA2010webThe theme of this year's 2010 Winter CHA Trade Show is the Global Marketplace. Thirty CHA Designer members were given an opportunity to make something for the Global Display on the trade show floor.

Designers were able to choose from 30 countries to represent on a first come basis. Since I was sitting at my computer when the email call went out, I jumped on the opportunity and asked please, oh please, oh pretty please could I have France.

I love France. My passion for art stems from a trip to Paris when I was a junior in college. Being a Liberal Arts major, I had to take 2 years of a foreign language. An opportunity to spend a summer in Paris learning the language from my University of Arizona professors and live as an exchange student, literally, changed my perception of the world. I spent every afternoon in the world's most amazing museums, teaching myself how to look at art.

I've visited France twice since my summer abroad. Last trip was with my family in the summer of 2008 where we spent two weeks in Provence and three days in Paris. I took hundreds and hundreds of photographs during this trip. Many are the standard tourist shots, but a lot are funky and unusual and different so I can use them in my college, assemblage and jewelry.

My Global Display assemblage is a heavy, metal Eiffel Tower statue that I found at Ross. I decided to alter it by adding some resin, some bailing wire and a few of my photographs that I did a simple transfer method on. I also made some mixed media paper and "glued" the transfer images to the paper with gel medium.

As you can see, it was snowing the day I photographed the project. Also I was in a huge hurry to get everything done, so the photo is just a quick shot to show the work. It will look a lot better once it gets put into the glass showcase on the CHA show floor.

If you get a chance to see the display, please take a moment to look at all 30 of the ideas my Designer peers came up with. It's such a treat to see the crazy amazing talent that's the heart and soul of CHA.

Extreme Close Up



In my former Get Real Scrapbooking blog, I once wrote about the fact that when you’re a project designer, you’re always busy but never get to show off anything you’re making. It’s the same with my ICE Resin work.

Luckily, I’ll get to publish one of my designs in the next few days that I made with our new charms. .

In addition to the company blog and doing education and marketing for our upcoming trade shows, I’m working on something that is near and dear to my heart. I can’t speak about it, I can’t show it. I’m not supposed to be blogging about it.

Alas, I was never one to keep a secret about things happening in my life. Too many years of writing a weekly column when I was a community newspaper editor. I had to spill because I had a weekly deadline and was forced to find things to write about. Funny thing is I really am a great listener and I keep all my friend’s secrets. Just not my own!

Sooooo, the extreme close up is one of the things I’m working on that I can’t say or show. I can tell you this: It uses a little stick plucked from my yard and dipped in Ice Resin, a clear non toxic craft resin. Here’s wishing you and artful day!

CHA, CHA, CHA hustle

ICEResinbellajournalinside3Things are good, but busy. With only two weeks before I leave for the Craft and Hobby Association’s Winter Trade Show, I’m down to the wire with my projects.

For anyone who enters the craziness of CHA preparations, it’s always the last 14 days or so leading up to the show that creates nightmares of getting everything on the never ending “to do” list done.

My studio is one long line of projects. I’m working frantically in spits and spurts. I have canvases drying in one corner, jewelry projects in various stages of completion filling ever inch of my 9-foot long bench and resin projects drying in another corner.

My artwork is spilling over onto my kitchen island and my kitchen table. I’m afraid that soon my son will be sitting in the top bunk of his bedroom, squished into a little ball into the corner of bed, hiding from his mother’s ever-encroaching CHA samples.

Luckily, my family has been down this road with me for the past 4 years. They know mommy is nuts in January and then things begin to return to normal by Valentine’s Day. (It usually takes me 2 weeks post-CHA to get it all cleaned up and back to normal.)

I’ll be blogging my schedule before I leave, as well as filling you in on all the wonderful things we’re doing at the show. If you happen to be in Anaheim, stop by and say “hello.”