Your camera and your heart

2Bellamonth4I'm so looking forward to this coming Wednesday evening (Dec. 2) for a couple of reasons:

1. I am doing something completely by myself for myself

2. I'm going to learn some new tips to improve my photography skills

The Phoenix Art Museum is hosting Photographer Nick Kelsh, author of the book How to Photography Your Baby as part of its free "In Focus" series. I heart the Phoenix Art Museum and have been a member for the last decade. Yes, I live a few hours north of the Valley, but I seem to hand over my member dues each year without hesitation. The free monthly lecture series, not to mention the children's events, are well worth the 75 bucks a year.

Kelsh is sharing some of his inspiration behind his most memorable photos of the past four decades. Called What Was I Thinking?, he promises to share some of his most important life lessons. In 40 years of taking a photos, I'm hoping to learn a lot in a mere 90 minutes.

When I saw the Art Museum's monthly flyer, I immediately called Grandma and asked if she could watch baby so I could attend the lecture. Being a good Grandma, she immediately said "Yes!" I next called one of my best girlfriends and asked her to pick up my son from school and watch him until dad gets home from work. Another affirmative. Gotta love a good support system!

I'll let you know how the lecture goes. However, I have to warn you, I'm not the most neutral of reviewers right now. Being the mom of a 4-month-old, juggling work/marriage/parenting and a new baby, I'm thrilled to lock the bathroom door and get 5 minutes to myself. The thought of 90 whole minutes sitting in a room of adults, listening to stimulating conversation might just be too much for my fragile psyche to handle.  

Here's a recent photo I took of my baby girl. Unfortunately, it was a dark morning in the woods with very little natural light coming in the windows. I had to use my flash, which makes everything look harsh. But I did follow one of Walsh's rules: Get close with your camera and your heart.

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